Monday, January 6, 2014

AAT - Macquarie Island (26.10.2010)

Just found this post which went unpublished after all these years!

A world heritage area, Macquarie Island is managed and preserved by the government of Tasmania. It is known for its marine wildlife such as the various types of seals that reside on the island.

A view of Caroline Cove

Aww look at those eyes!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wildlife Caring: Rescue to Release

Hi everyone! 
Sorry for the long hiatus but here's one from the Wildlife Caring issue.

The boobook owl, smallest and most common owl in Australia.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The end of a 5 year university life

I'm officially graduating! Now won't you raise a glass with me? 
Shame the postmark turned out blurry.

150th Anniversary of Burke and Wills (03.08.2010)

Two explorers who hoped to be the first Europeans to cross Australia from the south to the north had passed away during the expedition and were hailed as heroes of Melbourne. Memorials were erected at various places in memorial of their brave adventures.

I couldn't find any postcards of Burke and Wills and went with horse-riding instead.

I like how the cancellation looked it is like part of the postcard than it does a cancellation stamp.

Christmas Island Frigatebird WWF (17.08.2010)

Native to Christmas Island, these birds are one of the rarest in Australia and are critically endangered. They are related to pelicans (the pouch is quite a giveaway) and they do not walk. How unique is that? Most birds waddle, at least. There are four other species in the frigatebird family besides the Christmas Island Frigatebird.

Centenary of the Girl Guides (31.08.2010)

I remember back in high school I joined the Girl Guides following my sister's footsteps (also to save money from buying a new set of uniform had I joined St Johns or something else, haha!) and besides forming friendships with fellow Girl Guides from schools all over we also have an alliance with Scouts as our founders are related, them being Lord Baden Powell and Lady Olave Powell.

Lady Olave Powell

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fishes of the Reef (28.06.2010)

This issue features 8 fishes that can be found in the waters around Western Australia or the Great Barrier Reef. I only manage to realise a few.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Special Occasions - Part I (19 July 2010)

Australia Post has regularly released its popular Special Occasions stamp series, the purpose of which is to provide postage stamps for mail relating to specific events and celebrations.

There are 10 stamps featured in this edition but I chose to realise maximum cards using only 7. 

The first 4 has a more romantic theme: wedding rings, champagne glasses, roses and tulips. The denomination of the wedding ring stamp is $1.20, twice as much as the other stamps.

Wedding rings


Champagne glasses



Roses & Tulips


Special Occasions - Part II (19 July 2010)

These three stamps features a teddy bear, used for birth of babies; the Australian national flower, wattle and balloons for most general occasions.

The Baby stamp 


The wattle is Australia's national flower, and 1st September is celebrated Australia's Wattle Day.

 Wattle Stamp

Balloons, usually used in joyous occasions such as parties, baby showers and weddings.

Balloon stamp